BTDS Gateway (For CORP, ELN, CHRC trades)

Features & Benefits
  • Trade dissemination by FINRA is done using IP Multicasting over UDP.
  • Registers, listens and captures the multicast data.
  • On systems with multiple NICs, it intelligently attaches itself to the correct Network Interface Card (NIC) to capture data from the multicast feed.
  • BTDS Gateway establishes a connection with the Finra BTDS Feed and maintains the connection during the business hours (as defined by Finra), fetches the disseminated data and stores it in the database.
  • Optionally, the received trade data from Finra could be enriched based on the users’ specific requirements and push the enriched disseminated trade data to down-stream systems.
  • A GUI (Dashboard) is provided to peek into the collected trade data and view the details. Some basic search options will be provided to help pull the desired data.
  • All the configurations of the Gateway and Dashboard can be done using the Dashboard
  • Handles various connectivity messages, like Start of Day, End of Day, Market Session Open, etc. and will also handle auto-request of Retransmission of Trade Data.
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