PIM Gateway

Wizcom PIM Gateway facilitates broker-dealer firms in real-time exchange of standardized and secured Trade Records (MMI -Money Market Instruments) and gets CUSIPs from IPA banks. This is mostly used in the Commercial Paper business.

Features & Benefits
  • Flawless routing between dealers and Issuing Paying Agents (IPAs) via a standard protocol, reducing processing errors, discrepancies and delays.
  • Formatted fields for mandatory information and STP based on exchange of standardized messages.
  • Robust validation rules and error notifications served in detail with specific error codes through emails and on demand reports.
  • Low-cost, secure infrastructure bestowed on commonly used stable connectivity technology.
  • Establishes separate connection for each IPA from the same Gateway, reducing risks and operational costs.
  • Persistence of the messages to facilitate recovery and confirmed delivery of the messages.
  • Complete solution to communicate with DTCC and IPA in requesting and receiving 12 standard record layouts.
  • Eliminates labor intensive, and error-prone phone, fax and email based communications generated during CUSIP request and allocation between dealers, IPAs and DTCC.
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