RTRS - RTTM Gateway

Wizcom’s Real-time Trading Reporting System (RTRS) gateway is used to report to MSRB or its designee (via DTCC), about each purchase and sale transaction effected in municipal securities by each Broker, dealer or municipal securities dealer.

  • RTRS Gateway is available as a service for any client application. Any entity/application can use this service with minimal effort of coming up with a client application.
  • RTRS Gateway is hosted within the client’s data center on client’s infrastructure. Wizcom only provides the software
  • The Gateway keeps an auditable record of all trade messages that pass through its system. It also has the capability to send acknowledgements to respective client applications.
RTRS Gateway...
Features & Benefits
  • Seamless integration into the existing trading system of any client in relatively short time.
  • Automation of services to report and receive trade messages to and from MSRB (RTRS) and NSCC (RTTM).
  • Elimination of need to build and maintenance of new systems.
  • Comprehensive logging mechanisms to log and store all trade messages to facilitate generation of trade status reports, audit trail, etc.
  • Capability to integrate with any Broker/Dealer database system, including Sybase, Oracle and DB2.
  • Automated exception driven alerting and monitoring mechanism to help monitor the trade status efficiently.
  • A rich user interface, 'RTRS Dashboard' to view and generate trade reports.
  • Developed in both Flex and HTML5, RTRS Dashboard, is an interface that shows the trade(s) information-reporting process to MSRB through Application (Gateway).
  • Allows users to generate and view transactions for a range of dates. Users can use the search feature to look for a specific trade or group of trades.
  • Users can customize the spreadsheet to include attributes that are more relevant to the user, in a simple and convenient fashion.
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