TRACE Gateway

Using Wizcom TRACE Gateway, broker-dealer firms can automatically report trades to FINRA.

  • Reports to FINRA in real-time, about each purchase and sale transaction of corporate bonds by a broker or dealer
  • Wizcom TRACE Gateway facilitates the processing of trade messages and reports valid fixed income securities, which include the time of execution, price, yield and volume data to FINRA TRACE System in a robust, structured way that is designed to facilitate Straight Through Processing (STP).
  • TRACE Gateway is available as a service for any client application. Any entity/application can use this service with minimal effort of coming up with a client application.
  • The Gateway keeps an auditable record of all trade messages that pass through its system. It also has the capability to send acknowledgements to respective client applications.
TRACE Gateway...
Features & Benefits
  • TRACE Gateway facilitates automatic submission and receiving trade messages to and from FINRA.
  • In addition to providing corporate bond reporting system, Wizcom TRACE System also offers users a customizable search tool for finding TRACE eligible Trades or group of trades.
  • TRACE System provides the capability to generate exception reports to compare the user's execution against TRACE reported and disseminated trades of the day.
  • TRACE system can be seamlessly connected to any database system, including Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2.
  • Facility to report on trade status by persisting the trade messages and capability to provide an audit trail on the messages.
  • Auto-Alert system, notifying the administrators up-to-date trade status and red flag exceptions.
  • Business users have the capability to sort and filter TRACE information by key categories and provides a customizable view of the reports.
  • TRACE Gateway solution includes a rich user interface, 'TRACE Dashboard' to view and generate trade reports.
  • Developed in both Flex and HTML5, TRACE Dashboard, is an interface that shows the trade(s) information reporting process to FINRA through the Gateway.
  • Allows users to generate and view transactions for a range of dates. Users can use the search feature to look for a specific trade or group of trades.
  • Users can customize the spreadsheet to include attributes that are more relevant to the user, in a simple and convenient way.

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